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This is our bit of legal copy we feel obligated to include so our intentions are clear and you do not feel like we are trying to pull a fast one. We are using all individual contributions to pay for expenses directly related to "Lemonade: Detroit" and not for profit. That means we will not be taking your money and going on a cruise. We will not be spending "Buy a Frame" dollars on jewelry or golf outings. But we must make it clear that unless we raise the full amount needed to complete "Lemonade: Detroit" (the "Film"), we may not have sufficient funds to do the Film. If we are unable to finish the Film, your name will not appear as a producer of the Film on IMDB or the end credits. Accordingly, and no doubt with a heavy heart on our end, you will not be entitled to any refund of your donation should we be unable to complete the film. Thank you for understanding. Now, let's move beyond the mandatory disclaimers and get this film in the can!